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Alright so I have just one concern which has bought up 3 problem in total for me which i have not received any solutions to as yet.

1st Concern: My account location has not been verified even after providing all the required documents which was a Bank Statement and an Electricity. (I have no idea why was either of them rejected Sarcastic )

2nd Concern: Now that there have been rejected I called up the CS to inquire what should be the next step but although Martina was very helpful but was not able to give me the proper information which I had requested in the first place.

3rd: The main issue here is that when I submitted my Bank Statement it does have my name on it but does not match the address I have on my Skrill account. Of-course keeping that in mind I then provided the Utility Bill which does match my Skrill account address but that does not match my ID Card address or my name on it since the house is on my mothers name. So My main concern is, if this utility bill is not going to be accepted what should be the next step for me to proceed with? Sad I have family members who are waiting to send money to me but I m not able to activate this account in order to proceed further. Please help me and let me asap. I will highly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Arnold Macklow

Product or Service Mentioned: Skrill Account.

Reason of review: Issue was not resolved..

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